Monreal Cathedral

Monreale Cathedral

The Cathedral of Monreale, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova, is an architectural jewel, an archiepiscopal office, a place of worship and a world heritage site. It

Syracuse, the Greek city

Syracuse was founded by Greek settlers that came from Corinth and it had been one of the most important polis (city-state) of the classical era for over a millennium. It’s
Noto, Montevergine Church

Noto, a Baroque city

Modifica articolo Noto is well-known all around the world as the capital city of the baroque style and it is beacuse of that it’s been recognized as Unesco Heritage. Noto
weather in Sicily

Weather Conditions in Sicily

Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Basin so its weather falls within the Mediterranean category. Because of the mountainous relieves that are all over the region its
Palermo, church

Palermo, tourism in the Sicilian capital

Palermo has a thousand faces. It is a city that displaces and attracts at the same time, confusing with its smells, colors and sounds. With its art en plein air,