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Rural tourism in B&B location – Villa Altair

Villa Altair was born along the road of the farmsteads in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani in south-western Sicily, this is its story: Before the Muslims landing
Travel England to Sicily

How to get from England to Sicily

English tourism is an ancient tradition that has its roots in the 1800s thanks to Patrick Brydone. The Scottish soldier and scientist visited Sicily and wrote a wonderful account of
spiaggia siciliana Siracura

The beaches of Sicily

Sicily is a charming land you need to visit, and a tourist that does not know the most beautiful beaches of this land will find in this article all the
carbonara recipe

Italian spaghetti carbonara

Pasta alla carbonara is one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world. How to cook real spaghetti alla carbonara? It is very important to use the highest quality
beautiful cities in Sicily

The most beautiful cities in Sicily

After the Greeks, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the Angevins, the Aragonese and the Bourbons, it is now the tourists who invade Sicily. From the cities full of stories
weather in Sicily

Weather Conditions in Sicily

Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Basin so its weather falls within the Mediterranean category. Because of the mountainous relieves that are all over the region its