How to reach the port of Palermo

Port of Palermo

The ancient Greeks called the city of PalermoPanormos”, which means “all sea city”. The biggest part of its economy is connected to its big port. Tourism is helped by the numerous and well organized port connections. Commerce is also very competitive thanks to the many maritime exchanges.

From the port of Palermo, you can reach almost every Italian port, and it’s also linked with many Sicilian island: Aeolian, Pelagi, Ustica, Pantelleria.

The maritime connections are frequent and the prices are similar to the other Italian ports.

Since the port of Palermo is one of the biggest junctions in the Mediterranean, a website has been created, including timetables and passengers’ services. You can check it at this link:

Near Palermo port

How to reach the port

The port of Palermo is an important touristic seaport, easily reachable:

  • From the highway: from Viale Regione Siciliana or from the highway that runs along  Capaci, the port is reachable in 20-30 minutes.
  • By the ATAM’s bus from the central station of Palermo: for 1,40€ you can take the following lines: number 107, which brings you directly to the departure port; number 101 and 102, which bring you to Piazza Sturzo (behind the Politeama theatre), only 5 minutes on foot from the port.
  • By taxi from every part of the city: the costs are not too expensive, and you can make a reservation at the following number: 0916878. You can find the price list at this link:
  • By train: from the central station to the “Lolli” stop. The ticket can be bought at Trenitalia’s ticket office or tobacco shops at the price of 1,50€.


ATAM buses are amongst the most frequently chosen services by tourists. They connect different parts of the city to the port. There are different routes that departure from everywhere and reach the departure seaports.

At the price of 1,40€, the bus will easily and quickly bring you to the port so you can take your boat or ferry.


The city of Palermo is well connected by trains too, but for now there isn’t a railroad that directly connects the central station to the port. The lovers of nice walks, or those who want to reach the port at the end of their tourist itinerary, can take a train from the central station to the “Lolli” stop, and from there they can walk to the port, passing by the Politeama theatre, the shop avenue and the central alleys. But for those who are traveling with heavy luggage, we suggest a bus or a taxi, so you can be at the port in a few minutes. 

From the station to the port

Palermo is a very big city, and like any other big city its services are in a constant process of development. The central station, where most of the public transportation vehicles departure, is connected to the port of Palermo by a series of buses and taxis. It’s also possible to take a train that leaves you near the port.

How to reach the port by car

It’s possible to reach the port by car, to avoid the waiting for public transportations. It’s easy to get to the port by car, taking the road across the sea that brings you directly to the boarding decks for boats and ferries.

If there’s no traffic you can reach your destination in a short time.

View of Palermo port


From the port of Palermo you can reach various destinations, not only in Italy. There are frequent boats and ferries to reach the Sicilian archipelagos or the main Italian ports like Genova, Naples and Rome.

The port of Palermo is a big freight yard, essential for the island’s economy: from there many containers full of foods depart every day toward the whole world. At the same times, boats full of every kind of goods arrive every day.

Ferryboats from Palermo

Many ferryboats depart from the port of Palermo to reach numerous destinations quickly. Departures and arrivals of cruises full of tourists from all over the world are very frequent.

Usually, during the daily cruise’s stop in the city, the tourists take part in excursions and guided itineraries to enjoy the most beautiful architectural works of the city, while the crew stocks up on foods.

It’s amazing to see the cruise ships, gigantic and bright, getting in and out the port of Palermo, a true attraction visible from the jetty or while sitting comfortably in the Cala or the Foro Italico.

Navigation Companies

The port of Palermo, big and full of services, welcomes some of the most important naval companies such as Ustica Lines, Tirrenia, Grimaldi Lines and Grandi Navi Veloci, which departure daily towards the Mediterranean.

Palermo is a welcoming and inclusive city and it doesn’t connect just the Mediterranean Sea, but also other cities in the world, from which it has taken that mix of cultures and traditions that is now deeply rooted in the city.