Weather Conditions in Sicily

weather in Sicily

Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Basin so its weather falls within the Mediterranean category. Because of the mountainous relieves that are all over the region its climate can change based on the elevation and the exposure to the winds.

Climate of Palermo

The district of Palermo occupies a big part of the north western territory of the region. The weather, belonging to the Csa category, is classified as Mediterranean, with mild temperatures, rainfall concentrated in winter with hot and dry summer and short and fresh winter. That is true for the coastal towns, because where the elevetion is higher the weather changes to the mountain-like type. During summer time when the Scirocco blows the temperature can go up to over 40 °C (104 °F) as maximum (and 30 °c or 86 °F for the lowest). In the hinterland where the climate is usually colder the situation is different; as an example there is Petralia Soprana, a town located at an elevetion of nearly 1200 meters, where the weather is often snowy, with more abundant snowfall at higher elevations.
The area of the Madonie mountain chain is the snowiest area of the region.

Climate of Cefalù

Cefalù is a town in the metropolitan area of Palermo. Located at the base of a rocky promontory, it’s one of the most famous bathing sites of the area. The weather of Cefalù is a Mediterranean one, warm and temperate. Hot and dry summers, characterized by the Scirocco wind, and mild winters are the norm. The best time of the year to visit Cefalù is the one that goes from May to October, when the weather goes from mild warm to hot and rainfall is scarse. During the hottest months, especially in August, the medium temperature can rise up to 30 °C (86 °F). The perfect place to go on a relaxing and sunny vacation.

Climate of Catania

The area of Catania offers a great variety of weather according to the elevation and proximity to the sea. There is snow and abundant rainfall in the Mount Etna area and on the extremities of the Nebrodi mountains, above 1200 meters in winter. In the area of the Piana di Catania instead we have
a semi-arid weather with scarce rainfall concentrated in fall coming down often as rainstorms.
The medium temperature stays around 17/19 °C (62.6/66.2°F), and there often is a strong thermal excursion between day and night. The area of Catania is one of the hottest zones of the entire Sicily; as a matter of fact the medium temperature during summer is always around 35 °C (95 °F) and, during the warmest heat waves it can goes up to 48 °C (118.4 °F). The very opposite can happen during the winter nights when the temperature can go down untill -5 °C (23 °F) (a real exception for the island).

Climate of Messina

The district of Messina occupies a big part of the north eastern area of Sicily. It overlooks the strait of the same name that divides Sicily from Calabria.
Regarding its weather Messina falls into the Csa category, a hot and very dry climate during summer while mild and rainy during winter time.
Thermal excursion are rare all year long and winter, brief as it is, rarely comes with real cold, even though in some occasions there can be snow on the coast. Summer is mildly hot and not so stifling, mitigated by the breeze coming from the sea which keeps the maximum temperature value down a bit. Only at times when the wind from the south blows strong the temperature can rise up to 40 °C (104 °F), but in that case the humidity value drops to 20%.
Messina, when it comes to the towns of medium-to-big size, it’s the coastal town where it rains down the most. Rainfall is concentrated during winter, but some summer storms can happen from time to time. The abundant rainfall is due to the proximity of the city to the relatively high mountains.

Climate of the Aeolian Islands

The weather in the Aeolian Islands is temperate, typical of the Medeiterranean areas, and it’s influenced by its latitude and by the sea.
During winter the temperature never goes below 14 °C (57.2 °F) and summer is never too hot because of the breeze coming from the sea. Thermal excursion is the lowest registered in Italy because it’s mitigated by the sea. Rainfall is distribuited in 50-90 days of the year, with the most rain coming down during winter.
Scirocco and the Northwest wind are the ones that blow more often during the year.

Weather of the Eolian Island

Climate of Taormina

Taormina rises up on Mount Tauro, 200 meters above sea level, in Northeast Sicily in the territory of the city of Messina. The weather of Taormina, influenced by its specific position, is warm and temperate, the typical Mediterranean climate. Summer is hot and dry and winter is temperate. The best period of the year, weather-wise, to visit Taormina is from May to October, when it rarely rains and the temperature is mild. This weather, combined with the beauty of the city makes Taormina a favourite destination by tourists coming from all around the world.

Climate of San Vito

San Vito Lo Capo is a well known bathing site in the area of Trapani, in the north west of Sicily.
The weather is nice and pleasant all year long, winter is never too cold and summer never too hot. In spring the weather is sunny and mild, excellent to spend the day outdoors, while in autumn the weather is often summery and allows people to enjoy the beach while avoiding the moltitude of tourists of the summer time. A temperate paradise in which to relax in the sun and enjoy the sight of this place, one of the most beautiful of Italy.

Climate of Siracuse

Siracuse is located in the ionic side of Sicily, on the eastern coast of the island. The weather is very similar to the rest of Sicily, and so it offers mild winters and hot, even scorching, summers with the temperature that can rise up to 40 °C (104°F). Some areas of Siracuse can offer some weather variations, based on the exposure to the winds and the elevation of the area, or to the influence of the sea. Here too the best time of the year to visit Siracuse is from May to November, when the temperature is more pleasant and the rainfall rare.

Weather in Sicily